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USB Host Mass Storage on TWR-K64F120M + TWR-SER2

Question asked by CSMG Sarma on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by CSMG Sarma

Hi Team NXP,
I am trying to configure my TWR-K64F120M board + TWR-SER2 board for USB Host as a Mass storage Device. I am trying to run the host mass storage example give here:
My Setup is:
Keil IDE.
MQX 4.2.
Teraterm(serial debug port)
Transcend USB flash drive.
Ulink2 Debugger.

The readme.pdf in this directory doesn't give any info on building the example project. [Build the uV5 project in C:\Freescale\Freescale_MQX_4_2\usb_v2\usb_core\device\build\uv4\usbd_mqx_twrk64f120m for the example project to build.]

The Jumper positions(not mentioned in readme.pdf) are:
> On SER2 board: J16 1,2 and J21 1,2 are connected.
> On TWR-K64 Board: J25 1,2 Connected.

On running the application, the application does not detect USB flash drive. The situation looks like this:


Few queries I have are:
> The example in K64F board directory has description(readme.pdf) for TWRK22F120M board. Is the document updated? Has this example been verified on TWRK64F120M board?
> Are there any dependencies I am missing?
> The hardware connections like Jumper settings on TWR-SER2 and TWR-K64 boards. Does the SER2 board too need to be powered for this to work.

I am a novice in USB. I'd appreciate the suggestions on running the example.

Thanks in anticipation.

Best regards