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No tx on LS1046A ethernet (kernel 4.12)

Question asked by Marc LEFORESTIER on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Mathew McBride


For functional reasons, I had to go to kernel 4.12 version for my LS1046A RDB evaluation card.

I used a mix between the arm-soc branch for-next (kernel/git/arm/arm-soc.git - ARM SoC tree ) as main source and the qbman version (kernel/git/leo/linux.git - Leo kernel tree ) for the driver/soc/fsl/qbman/ files. I had to patch the Kconfig for qbman driver to permit ARM ([PATCH 10/10] fsl/qbman: Enable FSL_LAYERSCAPE config on ARM ) and used the fragment freescale.config from the freescale upstream branch ldup ( ). I modified the ls1046a dts files to add missing configurations (mainly pcie) (see joined tar file). The rest of the system is based on the LSDK 2.0 1703. I used the cryptodev from the qoriq open source (GitHub - qoriq-open-source/cryptodev-linux ) based on 1.9 version and remove all reference to dpaa user part and pkc-host (problem with includes).

The system is working, I have my Ethernets. But there are 2 problems:

- Uboot is wrongly modifying the dts MAC address. It begins with the first Ethernet which is disabled on the RDB card, so all MAC address are shifted and wrong. But this is not my real problem. I will look later with the denx qoriq version ( Git - u-boot-fsl-qoriq.git/summary ) based on the 2017.06.

- The Ethernet port is receiving frames but sent frame are not going out. A tcpdump on the other side can't see anything. On the card side, ifconfig statistic show send tx data. This is my problem.

My question is: what can I do to debug this? I don't know where to look. I know this not the LSDK version of the kernel and I had to remove some parts of the base image. But I don't know what is wrong with this asymetrical problem.

Thank you.


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