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uTasker for Kinetis Update (PPP, FT800, FreeRTOS, MCUXpresso)

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jul 3, 2017
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Hi All


Here is a link to new uTasker features that may be of interest to professionals who are looking for ways of improving Kinetis development efficiency and reducing development times:


Fans of FreeRTOS may be especially interested in the fact that FreeRTOSv9.0.0 can be natively integrated (no port required) to achieve a dual-operating system design. This allows FreeRTOS users to immediately benefit from new integrated libraries (such as wide-feature TCP/IP, FAT, USB and MODBUS) along with the capability to reduce code size / RAM requirements in Kinetis based projects.

It is hoped that full (approx. real-time) Kinetis simulation (peripherals, interrupts, DMA) will also soon be available to the pre-emptive FreeRTOS part as well as the uTasker part which has the potential to open a new dimension in Visual Studio based accelerated developments in such designs too!

Just request in case of interest in demonstrations (on any Kinetis part).