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HW GPU Acceleration for X11

Question asked by Elton Reformado on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Elton Reformado

Hello All,


I'm trying to enable vivante on userspace using the instructions from Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards but I am stuck on the "Adding HW GPU acceleration for X11" section. I am using a custom board based on imx6 sabresd. Currently using i.MX6DL SoC. I am using kernel version 4.1.15 and using Ubuntu 16.04.2 filesystem with xubuntu desktop environment.


On the ""./ .... " command, I've encountered the first issue - missing the "swaprep.h" but fixed it using this patch.  The second issue is the DRI_1.10.4/scr directory missing, this directory can be found on the previous versions of  xserver-xorg-video-imx-viv, so I downloaded a later version xserver-xorg-video-imx-viv-3.0.35-4.0.0 and tried to copy its DRI_1.10.4 directory to the xserver-xorg-video-imx-viv-5.0.11.p7.4 and build it but still no luck.


Found some similar issues on this but there is no definite answer.