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Nand Flash in IMX6ULL EVK

Question asked by crcn on Jun 19, 2017
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I'm using IMX6ULL EVK and mount one Nand Flash (TC58NVG2SOHTA00).

By default the kit have mounted the SDcard and one NOR.

To support the nand:

   >> add UBOOT_CONFIG = "nand" to local.conf.

   >> change imx6ull-14x14-evk.dts

&gpmi {

pinctrl-names = "default";
    pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_gpmi_nand_1>;
    status = "okay";


&iomuxc {
    imx6ull-evk-gpmi-rework {
        pinctrl_gpmi_nand_1: gpmi-nand-1 {
            fsl,pins = <
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_CLE__RAWNAND_CLE         0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_ALE__RAWNAND_ALE         0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_WP_B__RAWNAND_WP_B       0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_READY_B__RAWNAND_READY_B 0xb000
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_CE0_B__RAWNAND_CE0_B     0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_CE1_B__RAWNAND_CE1_B     0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_RE_B__RAWNAND_RE_B       0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_WE_B__RAWNAND_WE_B       0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA00__RAWNAND_DATA00   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA01__RAWNAND_DATA01   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA02__RAWNAND_DATA02   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA03__RAWNAND_DATA03   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA04__RAWNAND_DATA04   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA05__RAWNAND_DATA05   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA06__RAWNAND_DATA06   0xb0b1
                MX6UL_PAD_NAND_DATA07__RAWNAND_DATA07   0xb0b1


I program the micro with MFG TOOLS, and I have this debug in uboot:


U-Boot 2016.03-imx_v2016.03_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga+g0ec2a01 (Jun 16 2017 - 14:51:48 +0200)

CPU: Freescale i.MX6ULL rev1.0 at 396MHz
CPU: Commercial temperature grade (0C to 95C) at 43C
Reset cause: POR
Board: MX6ULL 14x14 EVK
I2C: ready
DRAM: 512 MiB
NAND: 512 MiB
cannot support the NAND, missing necessary info
Display: TFT43AB (480x272)
Video: 480x272x24
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Net: FEC1
Normal Boot
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0


Why u-boot don't recognize the nand (cannot support the NAND, missing necessary info)?


Another question, the environments variables from u-boot are saved in address 0x3c00000 (by default).

I need to change one of them in userspace, so I try to install u-boot-fw-utils and have this error:

Can't find default configuration "arch/../configs/mx6ull_14x14_evk_nand_defconfig"!

It seems that u-boot-fw-utils don support imx6ull? It's true?


So I tried to read/write the flash in that direction (nanddump and nandwrite command) and I see correct values until position 0x3c000200. After this position the data seems to be corrupted. See attachment..


If read/write in another direction (for example 0x3e000000) I don't have this issue. Why this happens?








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