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Add checksum to debugger image file

Question asked by IAN CULL on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by LPCX presso support

With KDS Kinetis Design Studio (KE06Z processor) we've created a boot loader that verifies the main execution code with a checksum, before running it. However the tool that computes the checksum and adds it to the binary file, can't run till the linker has finished - and therefore the checksum cannot be in the linker output file that the debugger uses.


On KDS we have a solution using the "specify additional ELF file" feature which sets the debugger to load a checksum file in addition to the main (elf) debug code - see screenshot. I think I got this from Erich Styger / MCUonEclipse (but I can't find it there today).


We're planning to use MCUXpresso for our next project (KE18F processor) and it appears there is no similar feature to load additional files into the debugger image.

Has anyone got a solution for this problem? Either a way to force a checksum into the MCUXpresso debug (axf) file, or to get the debugger to load more than one file.