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Why SDMA is not working with I2C on iMX6 DualLite ?

Question asked by Kishor Bhayani on May 5, 2017
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We are using Linux kernel version 4.1 on technexion board. We have developed i2c client driver, that is working fine. Now our requirement is to use SDMA with i2c. We have enabled event 5 and 10 for i2c-1 to initiate DMA transfer. We are working on this since quite a few days but we could not find any proper solution.


We had tried different options for DMA transfer type, like: FIRI, External peripheral, Memory, ESAI, SAI. However, we could not transfer data using I2C-SDMA.



We had also refer few posts from NXP community : I2C with SDMA on i.MX6? , which says that SDMA is not working with i2c in official BSPs. Is this true ?


Can you please help us.