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Timeout waiting LinkServer to initialize(0)

Discussion created by Francesco Cuzzocrea on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by LPCX presso support

Hi to all

I've bought two LPClink2 boards but I can't debug a board with LPC114 using them. When I start to debug

with LPCXpresso (8.2.2) in first a windows notify me that:

Initializing link server with LPC432x_CMSIS_DAP_V5_173.bin.hdr


after some time, the result is :

Timeout waiting LinkServer to initialize(0)

and if I abort and see log error message, the end of message is :

finished! Resetting USB to switch back to runtime mode


That is seems that it download correctly the firmware and can't reset the board. Anyone experienced this ?

How can I solve ?