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KW41Z Socket communication with PC

Question asked by David Piškula on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2017 by Steffen Jahnke

Hi, I have the USB-KW41Z and FRDM-KW41Z kits and I'm running the Thread network demo on them, with the USB being the border router. I've successfully remade some functions so that they fit my project but what I've been stuck on is transfering data (a temperature value to be exact) from my border router to my PC. I've been trying to do so through sockets.


I've tried using both the UDP and TCP protocol functions from app_socket_utils.h, I've also attempted to do it on my own using only the functions provided in sockets.h and I've also used the shell demo for socket communications on one of the FRDM nodes in my network.


When using TCP, my program causes a hard fault when it uses the connect() function. When using UDP, sendto() returns -1. Interestingly, sending data through sockets from my PC to the node works fine. Also, I can ping the nodes and the border router from my PC but can't ping my PC from the nodes, not sure if that's related.


I've also tried disabling the firewall and windows defender completely but that didn't help either.


Is there anyone who encountered the same problem? Any advice would be appreciated.