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how to generat kernel.itb file with kernel Image & kernel.dtb files

Question asked by srinivas reddy reddy on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by srinivas reddy reddy

I am working on  NXP board Model: LS1012A RDB Board, RevB  and I was able to boot LS1012ARB from the SD card with yocto build. But for my further development, I am using buildroot and build the buildroot to get my board image (uboot, Image and rootfs in output/image ). But to boot the LS1012ARDB board, I need the kenel.itb file (with Image + kenel.dtb file).  So could any one, let me know the procedure, to generate kenel.itb file with kernel Image + kernel.dtb files.