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LS1043A, GPIO Query

Question asked by Logesh S on Mar 31, 2017
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In LS1043A, GPIO muxed signals really confusing me a lot. At earlier stage of design i shared a Muxed signals list which i'm going to use in my system NXP engineers verified it and said MUX selction is correct. But later when i asked the similar doubt whether SPI remaining chip select pins can be used as GPIO, they said we cannot use it as GPIO. 


My First query on MUX signals in below link,



query on SPI Chip select in below link,

LS1043A, SPI Chip select and GPIO Query 


Kindly if you provide me the document or any support with List of available GPIOs (remaining GPIOs) in LS1043A when particular interfaces are used. so that we can design accordingly.