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Regarding SD UHS mode support on T2080

Question asked by Ronak Desai on Mar 16, 2017
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On one of our custom board based on T2080 (silicon version 1.1) , I am expecting our SD card (Delkin 128 GB UHS-3) to get detected as ultra high speed (specifically in DDR50 mode) but linux (fsl sdk 2.0) always detects it as high speed SDXC. Even the throughput is in range of high speed only.


So, I started looking into in the driver and found that when the host controller is added, the host controller capability 2 register (eSDHC_HOSTCAPBLT2) does not show DDR50 mode supported (in fact SDR50(bit31) and SDR104(bit30)) bits are reserved . Whereas reference manual shows that host controller supports SD UHS-1 speed modes: SDR12, SDR25, SDR50, SDR104, DDR50.


sdhci: Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver
sdhci: Copyright(c) Pierre Ossman
sdhci-pltfm: SDHCI platform and OF driver helper
sdhci-esdhc ffe114000.sdhc: No vmmc regulator found
sdhci-esdhc ffe114000.sdhc: No vqmmc regulator found
sdhci: =========== REGISTER DUMP (mmc0)===========
sdhci: Sys addr: 0x00000000 | Version: 0x00002002
sdhci: Blk size: 0x00000000 | Blk cnt: 0x00000000
sdhci: Argument: 0x00000000 | Trn mode: 0x00000000
sdhci: Present: 0x0ffd0008 | Host ctl: 0x00000020
sdhci: Power: 0x00000000 | Blk gap: 0x00000000
sdhci: Wake-up: 0x00000000 | Clock: 0x00008038
sdhci: Timeout: 0x00000000 | Int stat: 0x00000000
sdhci: Int enab: 0x017f0007 | Sig enab: 0x017f0003
sdhci: AC12 err: 0x00000000 | Slot int: 0x00002002
sdhci: Caps: 0x34fa0000 | Caps_1: 0x0000af00
sdhci: Cmd: 0x00000000 | Max curr: 0x00000000
sdhci: Host ctl2: 0x00000000
sdhci: ADMA Err: 0x00000000 | ADMA Ptr: 0x0000000000000000
sdhci: ===========================================
mmc0: SDHCI controller on ffe114000.sdhc [ffe114000.sdhc] using ADMA 64-bit
mmc0: mmc_rescan_try_freq: trying to init card at 400000 Hz


Am I missing something here ?