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NVCC_RGMII 3.3V mode in i.MX6SX

Question asked by ko-hey on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by gusarambula
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Hi all


I want to know the RGMII can use in 3.3V mode in i.MX6SoloX.

Could you tell me i.MX6SoloX can use 3.3V for RGMII ?


I checked "Absolute Maximum Ratings" and "Operating ranges" in following datasheet. 


The absolute max ratings of NVCC_RGMII is as below.


On the other hand, the operating ranges of NVCC_RGMII is as below.


Furthermore, I checked the schematic of MCIMX6SX-SDB (MX6SoloX SABRESDB_DESIGNFILES/Schematics/SPF-27962.pdf.pdf).

In device tree of SPF-27962.pdf.pdf, it seems like the NVCC_RGMII is inputted 3.3V.



As a result, I think the description of Absolute Maximum Ratings for NVCC_RGMII in datasheet is typo.

Am I correct ?

If my understanding is correct, please tell the correct value.