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MSI-X support, PCIe controller (pcie-designware.c)

Question asked by Kieran Tyrrell on Feb 10, 2017
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I am developing a system using iMX6q where we have a requirement to support a PCIe device that requires MSI-X.


According to the imx6q reference manual the pcie bridge does support MSI-X, but the driver (pcie-designware.c) does not.


Specifically, in the dw_msi_setup_irq function we see:

if (desc->msi_attrib.is_msix)

   return -EINVAL;


and tracing confirms that when we bring up the pcie device, that function is called explicitly not supporting MSI-X.


So my question: Is there a version of the pcie-designware.c driver, or an alternative driver, that supports MSI-X? (I have already checked fslc kernel and mainline latest version.)


Many thanks,


Kieran Tyrrell.