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Where is lpc_chip_11xx_lib (e.g. for LPC1114)?

Question asked by a b on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

The latest available LPCOpen 2.xx software package downloads include packages for:


LPC1125 (112x series)

LPC11U14 (U series)

LPC11U37 (U series)

LPC11C24 (C series)

LPC11U68 (U series)

LPC11E68 (E series)


Why is there no download for the plain 11xx series, e.g. the LPC1114?


The organization of the new LPCOpen software is extremely confusing compared to the old CMSIS drivers. Back in the CMSIS days, there was a single release of the CMSIS core, which had a dozen subdirectories -- one for each chip series (including the LPC11xx).


The new LPCOpen is a mishmash of different releases at different dates with different version numbers, each of which only supports a single release and is tied to a particular target board. Shouldn't it be possible to download a single package that has the latest version of the support for each chip series, as the CMSIS drivers did?