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MQX application don't run succesfully after 'go' of FNET bootloader

Question asked by Norberto Jiménez on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Norberto Jiménez

Hi, I'm using FNET bootloader in a KDS MQX application with a srecord image. I see in dissambler that the fnet go to entry point of my app and runs Hardware initialization of Proccessor Expert. However, when my code pass to _mqx function, it crash before finish _sched_start_internal, and don't start my MQX tasks. I don't know if it is problem of the memory because I have tested yet my code without bootloader and the changes in the linker file and it worked well. 


My major suspicion is that linker file has some wrong in the ROM Vectors. I'm using MQX 4.2.0. I leave you my linker file. 


And, yes I change MQX_ROM VECTOS to 0



Norberto Leonardo Jiménez Mendoza

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