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Checking SPI Transmit and receive in KEA-128 using TRK-KEA128

Question asked by VIGNESH BALAJI on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by Kerry Zhou


    I am checking SPI Transmit and receive using 2 KEA-128 Development Board.I am using one TRK-KEA128 board for transmit and another TRK-KEA-128 Board for receive. I am not able to get it right. I have attached the code for both SPI Transmit and receive Below.


I am using Port E for both connections are


Master   Slave



PTE3 -> PTE3 (SS -> SS)

I have made only these connections, is it enough or do i need to do more connections?

I am not able to receive any data.I am seeing it on debug mode in spi_d global variable for the receive code to validate this.


Can you tell me what things I have to change to make SPI Transmit and receive work??? 

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