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Throw ends in abort on new blank frdm22f project (+ malloc/new )

Question asked by Markus Klemm on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Markus Klemm

`try{throw 4;} catch(...){}` ends in std::terminate()->_exit() on a new created frdmk22f project. Even if an own malloc and new is implemented (which is used even for `throw 4;` for about 130 bytes BTW). Yes, the "noexceptions" optimizer check box is NOT checked. 


I also uploaded the minimal example on github: GitHub - Superlokkus/minimal_kinetis_throw_example 


So what do I have to do, to use C++ exceptions? Shouldn't this be documented anywhere if exceptions are not supported out of the box?!


This is a minimized example of my similar problem using c++ exceptions with freertos 

Kinetis Design Sutdio 3.2.0

KSDK 1.3.0
FRDM-K22F Rev:A1

(GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors) 4.8.4 20140725 (release) [ARM/embedded-4_8-branch revision 213147]