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i.MX6 Linux: fw_printenv/fw_setenv problems

Question asked by Ganesan K on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Pieter Cardoen

Problem Statement: Problem in updating u-boot environment variables from Linux using fw_setenv/fw_printenv tools. I observed the following,


What is working:

  • Able to print environment variables without any problem
  • Able to modify a default environment variable


What is not working:

  • Not able to create a new environment variables using fw_setenv. It is leading to Bad CRC issue when new variables are added
  • Not allowing more than one default environment variable to be modified in one power cycle. Modifying more than one variable is also leading to Bad CRC. If I modify one variable, reboot the system and then modify the second one then there is no issue


Our Environment:

We are using Yocto 2.1 - Linux 4.1 Freescale community BSP for our custom board based on Advantech Q7 - i.MX6 CPU module. The u-boot version is 2016.07. The u-boot binary and environment variables are stored in SPI NOR Flash (n25q032)


Any one has faced similar issues?. Any pointers to debug this would be welcome.