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BUG: KDS debug call-stack fails with Segger JLink

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Dave Nadler

K64F Freedom board, KDS 3.2.0 with all available updates installed, Windows 8 64-bit host.

Latest J-link updates are installed: JLink_V612a dated 2-December (KDS and J-link firmware both updated).
While KDS mostly works for an LED blinky application we're having serious problems with anything non-trivial (like our application).


We gave up on the NXP-provided OpenSDA SWD interface as it was too slow and buggy.
Purchased a couple of Segger J-Link Base units, cut the required traces on the Freedom board, and gave it a try...

Many things work for my C/C++ application; with J-Link I can:

- download into flash (15x faster than NXP-provided programming),
- start a debug session,
- operate breakpoints
- examine variables (both stack and static)
- pause and continue execution
- single step

Unfortunately I cannot:
- see a stack call trace when the program is paused (though it shows the current routine)

Here's a snapshot of an assert infinite loop I paused showing missing stack call trace


Segger reproduced the problem and suggested adding the following option in the debugger configuration "other options" field:  -RTOS GDBserver/RTOSPlugin_FreeRTOS

Unfortunately that results in the debugger crashing first time it hits a breakpoint:


Is there any hope of getting this fixed?

Would you recommend using a different development environment for non-trivial applications on K64F?

Best Regards, Dave