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How to program a MPC56xx to run without the debugger attached?

Question asked by Shaun James on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Shaun James

Hi All,


I am using S32DS to flash program and debug a MPC5643L and all is fine.  What I want to do is program it so that it runs from reset without the debugger pod attached.  When I reset the microcontroller (through hardware) the firmware in flash doesn’t run, with or without the debugger attached.  I've recently migrated to S32DS from Codewarrior Classic and this was not the behaviour there.


I've tried making a new debug configuration and done the following:

 - under the Startup tab I've selected the the checkbox "Run On Reset" and deselected the checkbox "Set Breakpoint at Main()".

 - under the Main tab I've selected the "Release" build.

 - I've deleted all breakpoints.


I've not had any joy making any sense from the Run Configurations dialog.  I seem to be missing some fundamental concept here and can't find any documentation about this.


Alternatively, is there someway I can access the flash programmer application directly and point it to the .ELF file?


Thanks, Shaun