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USB-KW41Z Thread KDS and debug

Question asked by David White on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by armelfourreau
If I build the router_eligible_device for the USB-KW41Z from the examples folders in C:\NXP\MKW41Z_ConnSw_1.0.2\boards\usbkw41z_kw41z\wireless_examples\thread\router_eligible_device\freertos\kds I get an OK build but no USB emulator debugging.  
1)Is Segger's 43_OpenSDA_USB-KW41Z.bin needed for this dongle in order to debug with J-Link? 
2)Also, the ProjectCloner for USB-KW41Z projects has a build error: "cannot open linker script file MKW41Z512xxx4_connectivity.ld: No such file or directory"
Thanks for the KDS build capability for Thread!