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How to mirror SDK 2.0 git repository?

Question asked by pro-supportengineer Employee on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Yiping Wang

We need to mirror the SDK 2.0 repository, what is the best way to pick up all components for the repository and be able to clone the SDK 2.0 repo. each new release to add to our mirror of the SDK 2.0 repository?


Here are the issues:

1)  The public NXP repository contains individual repos and not one repo for the SDK 2.0

git clone

2)  The SDK 2.0 tag is not used by each of the sdk repos


3)  If one clones each of these repos, then the repos have to be pulled together into the SDK 2.0 directory structure and

one has to attempt to build the repo from this combined .git repo directory structure.  This may or may not include the yocto build environment?


The repos are individual repos and not combined  into one SDK 2.0 repo. 


Is there a location on the public repo, or a way to set up one buildable SDK git repo from the public repo without having to clone each .git and piece together a directory structure to build SDK 2.0?


The public repo isn’t one SDK 2.0 repo but n number of component .git repos.  Each repo is at the same level in the sdk directory structure and they don't create a heirarchitical directotry structure.  We need to mirror a  NXP repo for the QorIQ SDK for our git repository and easily build the SDK 2.0.  How do we do this with the current public repo structure once it is cloned? 


At the very least a complete list of .git repos included in the SDK 2.0 that are listed under the ppc/sdk public repo are needed so we can piece together a repo and then build?


NXP uses a tag fsl-sdk-v2.0 tag for the kernel, but it is not consistently used for the SDK 2.0 component. For instance, gdb uses the tag but not gcc.  So, this is not very helpful.