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LPC54102 - DMA on 3 channels interrupts only one time instead of 3 times!

Question asked by Doinita Marcu on Sep 20, 2016
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I am using 3 DMA channels triggered at different times, shortly one after another, in an interval of several hundred of nano-seconds (the system frequency is 96MHz).

They are supposed to interrupt one after another at those different times, but they interrupt only one time for the 3 channels.


Besides this, I am using linked DMA transfer, and it does not work. I am supposed to clear the interrupts after each descriptor was exhausted, but the 3 channels do not interrupt separately.

I mention that I set the transfer to reload each time the descriptor was exhausted, but DMA does not reload, it will do only the first transfer.

I tried to reload the next descriptors (into XFERCFG) manually inside the DMA interrupt, but the DMA transfer is not done completely.  


I would really appreciate any help.


Thank you,