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TJA1043 Not working after Power on Reset of Micro

Discussion created by Anwar Husen Gokavaram on Sep 16, 2016
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I am using the TJA1043 Transceiver in my project. I am facing the below issue.

In TJA1043 there are two pins i.e. En and STBN to control the different modes of the it.

I am confrolling these pins using the Digital output pins of a microcontroller in MSCAN initialization function before enabling the CAN(First enabling the TJA1043 then after some delay MSCAN initilization).

Issue description:
Flash the code on MC9S12ZVC64 and run from the debugger the CAN communication is working fine. I am able to transmit and receive the CAN frames.

When I perform the power on reset of a microcontroller, the CAN communication is not working. Other functionalities are working fine.

Find the snapshot of the interfacing circuit of a CAN Transceiver with the microcotroller.

Please let us know the possible reason and solution to resolve this issue at the earliest possible.