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How to access the i.MX6 unique ID/serial number in Linux

Question asked by Matthew Starr on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by Matthew Starr

I am working with the 4.1.15 bsp release 1.1.1 for the i.MX6.  I am trying to obtain the unique ID/serial number that is available in the processor's fuses at address 0x410 and 0x420 in Linux.  I realize that I can enable the /sys/fsl_otp interface, but I don't want that exposed in production runtime images because accidental writes could cause the processor to stop functioning correctly.  What I would really like is for the /proc/cpuinfo output to populate the Serial line with the unique number from the fuses.


It appears u-boot is capable of passing the serial number off to the Linux kernel through ATAGS, but with the use of device trees now I don't know if this is possible anymore.  In u-boot, my board .h file has the "#define CONFIG_SERIAL_TAG" which is supposed to pass off CPU serial information to Linux.


Additionally it would be nice if the revision of the processor (fuse address 0x430[19:16]) could also be supported in the /proc/cpuinfo data too.


Does anyone have any idea why this doesn't work and how to fix this?