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Using SDcard in SPI mode on FRDM K22-F

Question asked by Vítor Pereira on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Joe Thompson


I want to implement a FAT system to use an SD card on the FRDM K22-F, in SPI mode. The component on Processor Expert used to implement it is FAT system is the FatFile_System. However, this component is linked specifically and only to the FatFsMemSDHC and its inherited SDHC_LDD components, which perform the operations through the physical layer, and they are meant to use in SD mode. Therefore,  FatFile_System and SynchroMaster component can't work together. As the FRDM board is not wired to work in SD mode, I couldn't just use the FatFile_System component as it is(and I want to work in SPI mode anyway). How can I do it? And please, if there's any misconception in my thoughts above, let me know.


Vítor Pereira