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NXP Reader Library in Codewarrior or KDS for use with Kinetis Cortex M0+

Question asked by Jaime Massana Pascual on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by Diego Valladolid

Hi, i'm Jaime Massana.

We are work in new porject with PN5180. And my big problem is that we come back from the freescale Kinetis cortex M0+ microcontrolers, like MKL25Z128. Of course, i have all the tools for this devices and not for NXP LPC. Change to LPC micros to use the PN5180 is very big change for me. I tried to adapt the NXP library to CodeWarrior 10, but is very complex.


Understanding that older Freescale microcontrollers, now are part of NXP, it is possible to obtain a version of NXP Reader library for work with MKL25Z (or other) on Codewarrior 10 or KDS (Kinetis Dessing Studio)? Or some appnote indicating how I can adapt the code?


Thank's for your attention.

Jaime Massana