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LPC1768 USB Host Bootloader

Question asked by Gabriele Vittori on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Gabriele Vittori


I need to use a secondary bootloader on my system and so I started to look at the example provided from NXP like the AN10866.

This one allow to emulate a USB device and copy form the host PC the new bin file in...

On my board I would need to use a USB stick for this purpose and I tried to had alook at the AN11628 (written around the LPC1788).

Let me say first that I'm quite new to the Cortex-M3 architecture.

After some try to port it to my device (with no success) I decided to write one from scratch.

My secondary  bootloader load a bin file from USB stick and store it into the LPC1768 Flash memory starting address 0x10000 using IAP calls.

The writing and compare process ends correctly but when I jump to the final application I get an Hard Fault handler.

My bootloader use RTX and the same does the user application.


I almost read any thread of any forum around boot loader and LPC Cortex-M3 devices, but no one of the solution provided works for me.


I would really appreciate if someone can give any advice on that.