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Bare-metal on KL03:

Question asked by Chuck Smith on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Chuck Smith

Hello, after trying out some code on a FRDM-KL03Z, we now want to run it on our bare-metal KL03Z32VFG4 based design. Using KDS and a J-Link, I load the code into the board, but I cannot hit the breakpoint at main(), and cannot even hit a breakpoint in the .S startup file. When I pause the execution, the program counter seems to be in the ROM Bootloader (0x1C00070E). The NMI pin is pulled low on our board, but the flash configuration values in startup_MKL03Z4.s are:

/* Flash Configuration */

    .section .FlashConfig, "a"

    .long 0xFFFFFFFF

    .long 0xFFFFFFFF

    .long 0xFFFFFFFF

    .long 0xFFFF3DFE


I believe the 3D disables the NMI function, and says boot from Flash.

So, how to give our application control?