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LPC4357: using external SDRAM as data/program-memory

Question asked by Hartmut Meyer on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Hartmut Meyer

I have available the EVB LPC4357 with external 256 Mb SDRAM MT48LC16M16A2 and using Keils uVision-IDE.

My final application requires several MB of RAM, therefore execution from SRAM is not possible because

of the limited size.


The board and LCD is working with examples, the timing-setup for the SDRAM seems to be ok so far.

( At least the LCD is working using the framepointer... ).

But if I enable the external SDRAM starting at 0x2800.0000 or later  in the uVision-setup as external RAM1

there will be an error.

Basicaly, the whole application should start from SDRAM, internal SRAM may be disabled.

I read about moving all required data from ROM to SDRAM after booting and mapping addresses,

but I couldn' find an illustrative example so far.

It is known that execution-speed will be much lower using external SDRAM, but this is not so important for me.


Is there an example available somewhere showing the technics

or some usefull hints how to proceed ?