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K60 CAN Broadcast Issue

Question asked by Nick Borton on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by Nick Borton

I have a custom system with 4 K60 MCUs on different PCBs. Unfortunately the routing of the CAN Bus lines was sub-par, and there are some large stubs. That said I would still imagine due to the robust nature of the bus my issue would not occur.


The situation which is arising is that one node sends a command to the other three nodes on the bus. And once in a while one or two of the three K60s on the receive end do not properly act on the command. This occurs more often at temperature extremes.


My problem with this occurrence is that if it were a SI problem, shouldn't the node experiencing the issue corrupt the command on the bus so that none of the nodes receive it properly. Thus forcing the transmitting node to resend it?