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Single Lane Mipi interface to i.mx6

Question asked by Jamie Maxwell on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by rogeriopimentel

I have a need to connect a single lane mipi interface to the i.mx6 solo. NXP documentation says that this is supported. Before I connect my own target HW I would like to verify this is working with a known good setup.

The Sabre board has the OV5640 which supports 2lane mipi, but I cannot get single lane mipi working with this camera. I am not able to confirm if the OV5640 even supports single lane as the camera documentation is not clear to me.

Has anyone successfully connected single lane mipi to i.mx6? what camera is used? Can you share experience?


My target HW is a parallel output camera which will go through a parallel to Mipi CSI-2 bridge chip. We need single lane mipi due to connector pin limitations.