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powering up issue on MKE02Z GPIO

Question asked by Gaston Schelotto on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by Gaston Schelotto


I've configured PTB4 as a digital output and 0 value at initialization on MKE02Z64VLH4 (64-pin).

During the KE02Z power up (0 to 5V) I see this behavior on this pin (channel 2):



There is no problem if I left PTB4 unconnected but in my application this pin drives an opto-coupler (500 ohms in series with the photodiode). This causes a current injection that halts the KE02Z at start-up. How can avoid this issue? I've checked adjacent pins (PTB5 and PTC3) and everything goes well with them. I've also disabled NMI (using PE) with no success. I'll appreciate any help.