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Nand Flash ECC Failed

Question asked by Jon Alvik on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2018 by naftalir

This question is a continuation of MQX MFS Nandflash ECC Failed

After getting a working solution and testing it several times, I now have the same error again.

The solution I found is not working anymore, and I can only guess at what sequence of events led to a working solution before.



- Using MFS nandflash example (with ffs wearlevelling), I get ECC_FAILURE / NFC_ECC_STATUS_CORFAIL

- Using Mqx nand driver I get the same error inside nfc.c

- Setting BSP_ECC_SIZE to 0 gives a working system using Mqx nand driver.


Since my tests pass using BSP_ECC_SIZE=0, I assume this is a problem with the configuration or with the ECC engine in the cpu ( Vybrid MVF61NN151CMK50 )


My setup is as decribed in previous thread.