FreeRTOS on LPC5411x

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I would like to know if FreeRTOS can be ported on the LPC5411x (and more precisely on the LPC54114) ? On the NXP website (https://www.lpcware.com/content/project/freertos-nxp-m0-m3-and-m4-mcus), we can read


FreeRTOS kernel support for NXP MCUs

FreeRTOS has comprehensive kernel support for NXP ARM core MCUs, including:

LPC11xx Cortex-M0
LPC13/7/8xx Cortex-M3
LPC15xx Cortex-M3
LPC43xx Cortex-M4F / Cortex-M0
LPC2xxx ARM7

If FreeRTOS is not yet available for the LPC5411x, do you know when it should be available?

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