lpcopen v2.10 - USB on 17xx devices

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sipiyou on Fri Mar 06 09:35:00 MST 2015
Hi everyone.

I am currently having some issues with lpcopen and the usb device support.

I can only find the precompiled lib under .../lpc_chip_177x_8x/libs. How can I get the full source for selfcompiling ?
Those parts which located under ./lpcusblib_KeyboardHost/ and ./lpcusblib_MassStorageHost/ are not complete.

I am trying to get usbd_lib_cdc/ example running. Compile works but USB is not recognized by pc. Just to mention, I got a custom PCB and I am using my old cmsis code - usb works flawlessly therefore I do not see any hardware issues.

At this point I modified the initialization code to usb port 0 but nothing happens. What value is supposed to be used for usb_param.usb_reg_base = LPC_USB_BASE for port 0 ?
The example addes 0x200 to that value but what is the right value for port 0 ?