Flashing using USB MSC ISP on Linux vs Windows, LPC11U6x

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by acker10 on Sun May 18 07:43:05 MST 2014
I have a LPC11U67 where everything seems to be in working order, but I'm observing that if use ISP MSC to copy a firmware file via Windows 7, everything is fine.  When I flash the exact same firmware via Linux by doing the following:

mount /dev/sdd /mnt
rm /mnt/firmware.bin
cp firmware.bin /mnt
umount /mnt

Then it won't restart into the firmware when I power cycle the MCU.

When I power cycle and remount on Linux, if I look at a hex dump of /mnt/firmware.bin and compare the firmwares copied via Windows with the one copied via Linux, I do notice differences starting at byte location 0x400.

So something about the USB copy transaction is not working the same in Linux as it is in Windows.

Anybody have this working via Linux?