LCP11U67 and temperature reset

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Dear All,

I've noticed a big problem in some of my boards which are mounting LCP11U67 micros, with 48 pin. When I put them in their appropriate boxes, the heat generated (ambient temperature is around 30°C/40°C) some of the micro stopped. I'm using a watchdog, so the devices are restarted, but fails after 1-2 seconds again. After cool down, they work normally. The intern temperature sensor told me, the junction temperature is 85°C, when the problem occurred. The chip is specified for 105°C! The percentage of micro with this problem is low (2 devices from ~50 tested chips), but it is a big problem for me. If the lpc fails, the entire board, which all mounted parts, is completely worthless and can't be used in the field.

Has anyone ever noticed this problem?

Best Regards