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I have made m4 and m0 multicore applications according to the document
"LPC32xx Cotex-M4/M0 Multicore Applications", because i need to convert the
.axf file to a binary output, I processed as the other documents say to do the conversion,
but after creating the binary file, its size is about 16,780,016 bytes approximately a file
with size of 16MB. the size of .axf file is about 160KB that is correct. I checked the bin file,
and saw that most of the file is filled with 0. any help for solving the problem is appreciated
in advance. i want to get an actual binary file size not a huge binary file.
also there is another question about the making multicore applications, as the document says we must
set the Multicore item in "Setting" of projects for both of m4 and m0 to a valid selection. but in multicore examples,
this item of project in both of m4 and m0 is blank. i checked this item in each of examples such as:
"dc_sa_blinky", "dc_sa_msc_ram" and "dc_sa_webserver".


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