SPIFI Errata and Part Version Information

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We are working on a new design and trying to decide whether to use the LPC4330 or LPC4337. 

We currently have current board design that uses the LPC4350.  These boards were built using chips with the following markings:
    PFM906.04     15

1) From the ES_LPC43X0_A.pdf errata document it looks like function problem SPIFI.1 exists on the rev "A" part but not on the rev "C" part.  Is this correct?

2) The part shown above definitely has the SPIFI.1 problem.  From the part marking and the ES_LPC43X0_A errata sheet, I can't tell what version part this is, it doesn't seem to match for format shown in the errata document.  Can anyone tell me what version it is?

3) For the LPC4337, from the ES_LPC435X_3X_2X_1X_FLASH.pdf errata document, the SPIFI.1 issue is not included.  Does this problem exist on any of the LPC4337 released versions?

4) Assuming that the answer is "yes" to question 1, does this mean that while the rev "C" part is executing code from the SPIFI, you can give it a hardware reset and the part will properly re-boot from the SPIFI without any issues and not require the 60 second delay as the Rev "A" part does?

5) What revision parts are available currently from suppliers?

6) I have seem many requests for this before but have never seen any answers:  Will the SPIFI library source code ever be publicly released?  Is it available through an NDA?

Greg Dunn