Using the LPC4370 on the LPC-Link2 card

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JohnR on Sun Nov 03 19:56:17 MST 2013
I would like to use ]the LPC4370 on the LPC-Link2 card in much the same way as it is used by the LabTool card.

As a start I compiled the basic "while(1) {i++ ;}" project to RamMLoc128 but I have not been able to download it to the LPC-Link2 card.

I tried both LPCXpresso 6.1 and RedSuite 5.2.

RedProbe+ was connected to the 10 pin J2 connector on the card via the JTAG adapter.

The USB connector on the LPC-Link2 card was connected to a USB port on the computer.

If I select RedProbe Family on the  LPCXpresso 6.1 Debug configuration page and click the Debug button I get the error message


LPC-Link (HID) not found.
This could be because it is disconnected, not powered, or already in use"

Trying the Redlink option gave the following message box


JTAG configuration.
No JTAG Device selected. Select a Device before continuing

I must be doing something stupid so please could somebody tell me the correct connections and options to
program the LPC4370 on the LPC-Link2 card. I have searched through the documentation without success.

Thanks for any help