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   I am using LPC4357 Development kit with LPC LinkII and LPCXpressov8.0.0 for my project. I developed a simple multicore blinky project on my own following the instructions under the link :

I used Flash bank B for M0 and Flash Bank A for M4.When I flash the code, it works fine for the first few program flash. Later i get the following error after few attempts and I am unable to flash even a single core project.
Driver code (at 0x10000000) not set as written - corrupted at 0x10000000 (word 0)
    Driver code (at 0x10000000) not set as written - corrupted at 0x10000000 (word 0)
    15: Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(50): Flash driver failed to initialize.

Then I used LPC Linl II Configuration tool to flash the program. It worked fine. Then I did not get the above error. Now I am unable to flash using the Configuration tool also because I get the following error :

Programming Algorithm failed command : 7
Programming Algorithm failed response: 1
What is the procedure to resolve this error?

Are there any other documents present that explains IPC in LPC4357 (other than application note AN11177) and initial steps to set up the platform for dual core application using LPCXpresso and EA-lpc4357 dev board like the following.

I have attached detailed description about the errror.