How to use only one Lpc Link2 as an ADC

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I am really really a beginner with these LPCs although before I programmed PICs. What I want to do is using 12bit ADC inside LPC4370 to measure the analog signal from somewhere. I have only one LPC Link2 now and I have installed LPCXpresso and Configuration tool(programmed either CMSIS or J-Link using config tool although in CMSIS mode, led in the board stops lighting). I have looked at the training videos on youtube and read some of the user guides. I have also looked some examples here such as blinky, FIR filter etc. As much as I see, for all these videos, examples and explanations, there are always some of kind of target in addition to main board. And I think because of this, I am getting error messages in blinky project which I have loaded from here about no device on JTAG. There is even a beginner hints post here but that one is also for two LPC Link2 boards(http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/beginners-hints-lpc-link2-lpc4370-evaluation-board).

After giving back background information, my questions, which are probably simple when I looked the discussions here, are

1) Can I program one LPC Link2's ADC itself alone for development tool or do I need another one as target for this purpose?
2) If Q1's answer is yes, I will really appreciate if you can provide some hints, examples to proceed especially for ADC applications as well as simple ones for beginning?
3) Which one is the default, CMSIS or J-Link? For blinky example here, I think CMSIS is used since it suggested including CMSIS Driver Lib for LPC43xx? If we choose CMSIS in Link2, is it normal to led on the board to be turned off.
4) I think there is no Configuration Tool install package for Mac? Is that right? After choosing J-Link or CMSIS, do we need anymore Configuration Tool?

These are the questions that I need answers for now to be able to proceed. Thanks for answers in advance.

p.s. Hopefully this is the right sub-forums for this topic