firware doesn't run after USB boot

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by miccio on Mon Nov 09 07:45:39 MST 2015
Hello everyone,

hope Monday is treating you well.
I am having a hard time getting the USB ISP to work on the lpc1549 LPCXpresso board. This is what I do:
  [*]generate the .bin file as described here
  [*]plug the board from the target socket while pressing the ISP0 button in order to recall the USB bootloader
  [*]a driver called CRP_DISABLD shows up: I delete the firmware.bin file inside it (it takes up all the space) and then copy my own .bin file
  [*]after a power cycle (unplug&plug) nothing really happens, and rebooting with both ISP asserted high falls back to the USB bootloader

ps: in case it'd make any difference, i'm using a Linux machine.