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i.MX6UL Linux BSP TSC Driver consistency

Question asked by ユーリ レリョーサ on Jun 15, 2016
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We are using the driver file below for Touch Screen input


The input works fine and there are no problem with the coordinates received.

I would like to add some customization and functions to the driver but I have noticed some inconsistency

with the ADC registers and those written in the datasheet.

Below is the definitions for the register offsets

#define REG_ADC_HC0     0x00
#define REG_ADC_HC1     0x04
#define REG_ADC_HC2     0x08
#define REG_ADC_HC3     0x0C
#define REG_ADC_HC4     0x10
#define REG_ADC_HS      0x14
#define REG_ADC_R0      0x18
#define REG_ADC_CFG     0x2C
#define REG_ADC_GC      0x30
#define REG_ADC_GS      0x34

[HC0] and [HC1] and fine and consistent with the datasheet, but the rest I have no idea where they are based from.

There is no [HC2~4] and for example [HS]'s offset begins from 0x08 (Chapter 13.6.3 page 411) not 0x14

Am I missing some notes or is there some revisions to the datasheet?


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