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TJA1100 pin4&16 ; C26 & C28

Question asked by Jerome Herzog on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Jerome Herzog

Hi community .

I have a question about the TJA1100. Im searching for the use of the two capacitors C26 & C28 shown in the schematic at the end of TR1329.pdf. I ooked up TJA1100.pdf too, but didn't get any answer. It's about the pins 4 & 16. These two pins are for the VDDA(1V8) and VDDD(1V8) and are generated by LDO internally. So what are the two capacitors  C26 & C28 shown in TR1329.pdf for?

Am I right with my guess that they are just for stabilization? 


If you have any other helpfull documents refered to the TJA1100 please let me now.

Thanks in advance.