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LS1043ARDB SDK 2.0 boot without using rootfs in the kernel.itb?

Question asked by pro-supportengineer Employee on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by j_wallace

The SDK 2.0 boot image is taking approx. 11 seconds to boot from the .itb image after U-Boot completes it's count down process.  Customers need the following as a consquence: a) shorten this .itb boot time to less than one to two seconds for fast boot (not currently provided by NXP), and b) in the mean time understand how to boot without using the .itb, and c) how to build a .itb file without rootfs and boot.


Please provide the procedure to boot the images without using the .itb file and how to create a bootable image without rootfs included in the .itb?


How do customers of SDK 2.0 load uImage and DTB, w/o initramfs stored inside the ITB file? This will drastically improve start up time, because there will be no need to load the large ramfs (~60MB). Also it will keep significant amount of memory.

We converted the Image into uImage with mkimage utility, but it halts on startup.

We checked the chapter " SD Deployment" and " SD Deployment" for instance, but they describe deployment for other cards, for which they apparently have prebuilt images?  In any case, the sections were not helpful for the LS1043ARDB SDK 2.0.