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Configuring and using eTSEC and ASF

Question asked by Ridhi Garg on Jun 2, 2016
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      I am working on LS1021A-IOT board and I want to use eTSEC and ASF for QOS purpose.

I have checked the SDK and hardware reference manual for LS1021A and found that following configuration options for ASF and eTSEC are available:

eTSEC: Can be configure using "ethtool" command line utility

ASF: Can be configure using various SYSFS interface ASF module provides.


Please find below my queries:

1. I want to configure eTSEC and ASF from my code, but I could not find any document which has details of any set of APIs for eTSEC and ASF configuration purpose.

2. In ASF architecture it is mentioned that ASF snoop packets from Network Driver, so is it referring to GIANFAR Ethernet driver for eTSECs?