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EEprom emulation driver for MPC5604B

Question asked by Bryce Zhu on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Bryce Zhu

Hi, All:

      We used MPC5604B to develop our project. In our planning, Internal data flash could be instead of   EEprom. So we downloaded MPC5xxx_EEE_DRIVER.exe  from official website.

      Then we tried to compile the demo project(in ..\Demos\build\MPC5604P_CW_VLE folder), two errors were displayed in message box as below:

The IDE can't recognize the .vle opcode. But VLE configuration were already be opened.

Is there something wrong with the demo project? how to solve this problem?


If we used the MPC5604P demo code as EEprom emulation driver for MPC5604B, does the ecu can operate normally?


Thanks for your reply.